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A New Moment

by Richard Barwell

I met two people from another part of the country today - and as it happened both were Jungians who spoke of a sense of isolation from the Jungian world where they live. I had a real sense of their pleasure when I spoke of the CJC and how through it I have a group of Jungian friends many of whom I have known for years and how we are able to share the language and attitudes involved and so easily. They said there were some Freudians around them but somehow that was not at all the same.

I have no doubt they will stay in touch with us, provided of course we can extend our hands in friendship by the various means we already have at our disposal and which we are further developing. That includes our website, the mailings we send out of our activities and of course the Chronicle. I told them about the DVDs and how we are on the verge of being able to ‘desktop’ these right to members computers which is sheer joy - I have done it and it really WORKS

It was as if I suddenly saw the Circle from the outside looking in. In a flash it dawned on me what an extraordinary resource we have created, between us, over the last 26 years and how we now have the capacity to reach out to others in the non-Jungian desert which surrounds us. It just seemed so, in the best sense cultured, that is about communication and meaning.

I asked what it was about the Jungian approach that they found valuable and missing in their area, they thought it was about symbolic expression and understanding and how imagery is so valuable, oh, and about a shared understanding of the profound connections of body, mind and soul. You just don’t get that in the normal run of things in everyday life.

It was just so heart-warming and deeply deeply meaningful like joining up the dots on a much larger picture than perhaps most of us ever dreamed of.

I was profoundly energised by the spontaneous laughter in the mutual pleasure of discovering like minds and, for me, in recognising my sheer luck in being so embedded in such a community.

Are you involved with, or a member of, another Jungian Group? We'ld love to hear more about it, if you are.

Thanks! Message sent.

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