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Doors open at 7pm for refreshments prior to the presentation which begins at 7.30pm followed by a discussion.  

The evening finishes at approximately 9.30pm.

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20 September  2019 - Satya Doyle 

Jung’s Discovery of the Cure for Patriarchy: for a World Out of Balance  “Satya is Director of The Salome Institute of Jungian Studies in Portland, Oregon, USA, a psychotherapist in private practice, and is the author of a book forthcoming from Random House in Spring 2020.

Before Jung’s work was about the Shadow and the Self, it was about Salome: the young, Jewish woman, the sensual dancer, who requested the head of John the Baptist from the transfixed and obedient King Herod. Jung met this disheveled, discarded woman in the depths of his own psyche and withdrew in horror. “Let me be,” he tells her when they first meet, “I dread you, you beast.” And yet, Jung had embarked on this journey into the depths of his psyche in order to pay attention to what arose. Over many nights of his descent (and his many years of exploring these early visions), Jung came to acknowledge Salome’s divine power. He experienced Her divinity within his own body. In the face of his fear, he strained to witness her presence and power. She then transforms, as he does, and Jung comes to love her. He discovered that She is him. She is that which brings him life and joy, the capacity to feel, to create art, to deeply connect, and to trust—“[she] takes hold of me, She is my own soul." (Jung, Red Book, 2012 pp175-85)
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18th OCTOBER 2018 - Suki Heath 

The Healing Power of IMAGES

Jungian Analyst, G.A.P.


From time immemorial human beings have expressed themselves not only through language, but through  images.  Visual expression is natural to our experience of ourselves, each other, and the world we inhabit.  Young children instinctively draw.  Pictures arise spontaneously in the mind. And of course, the unconscious speaks to us in the symbolic language of our dreams.  In this talk I invite you to reflect with me on the many ways in which the imaginal can nourish our psyches, enabling us to heal and thrive both individually and collectively   

19th OCTOBER 2018 - WORKSHOP Diane Finiello Zervas

The Red Book: Jung’s Mandala’s and Paintings


15th NOVEMBER 2019- 



20th March 2020:   Camillo Gallardo 

A Question of SELF:

Jung, IFS, Shaminism, and Soma


The artist, shaman and analyst are all concerned with the evolution of space, either fighting for the redemption of the mythic space of art or unconsciously serving the powers that are against it. The modern artist uses the empty space, the shaman the sacred space and the analyst the psychic space

The space in the primitive's world is sacred, and it is treated with the utmost delicacy, as if space itself, and all the natural wonders within it, are part of the great cosmic godhead, to be treated with eternal respect and holy adoration.


We have come a long way from this "naive" attitude of space. We clumsily stomp over our collective space with offensive billboards, loud, electronic broadcasts, bad architecture and a legion of narcissistic personalities competing desperately for a greater expansion of selfishly procured space. 

17th April 2020  -  The Ancestors

Melanie Rein, Jungian Analyst, IGAP


Image:   Israhel van Meckenem  -  Ornament with the Tree of Jesse, 1480–90

With kind permission of The Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism

This talk will consider the unconscious patterns which run through families and generations of families, as one generation inherits, responds and reacts to the complexes and archetypal energies of the previous generation – and even of the generation before that – parents, grandparents and in some cases, great-grandparents. Melanie Rein will draw on the symbolic nature of the genogram, or psychological genealogy tree, exploring its connection to the Tree of Life and its value as a visual image for eliciting, revealing and deepening insights into family and ancestral patterning. 


Melanie Rein (PhD) is a training analyst and accredited supervisor with the Guild of Analytical Psychologists (G.A.P.) and a member of the Independent Group of Analytical Psychologists (IGAP).

17th January 2020 - Bridget Rattigan 

Current Life & Spiritual Regression Therapy


15th May 2020 Pantea Lotfian

Jung and Technology

I used to be a scientist. I wanted to become an engineer when I was a little girl. In the land I lived at that particular window of time that I was growing up little girls were not wanted as engineers so I went for science instead. I learned about the wonder of life and as a molecular biologist became the engineer of living things. In the laboratory I modified bacteria, yeast and viruses into presumably useful things and tried to understand how they worked. I was nevertheless more fascinated by machines
than by the workings of the bacterial cell. So I decided to leave engineering of living things behind and wander off to figure out how I can work with machines. On that path I discovered the word innovation. The best thing about innovation was that it would allow me to explore everything, living or object, and play!

16th June 2020 Gillian Brown ???