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Pantea Lotfian


I used to be a scientist. I wanted to become an engineer when I was a little girl. In the land I lived at that particular window of time that I was growing up little girls were not wanted as engineers so I went for science instead. I learned about the wonder of life and as a molecular biologist became the engineer of living things. In the laboratory I modified bacteria, yeast and viruses into presumably useful things and tried to understand how they worked. I was nevertheless more fascinated by machines
than by the workings of the bacterial cell. So I decided to leave engineering of living things behind and wander off to figure out how I can work with machines. On that path I discovered the word innovation. The best thing about innovation was that it would allow me to explore everything, living or object, and play!

Looking back at how I arrived where I am in life I can see that the most important factor has been my tireless love for learning. At some point I discovered that learning about the external world is not enough. There was a missing link, something that always remained empty independent of how much I learned or achieved. I went in search of the knowledge to fill the empty vessel. That knowledge was talked about in the external world but could not really be found in the world outside. It dawned on me that the only place to find that knowledge is within me. To traverse the paths of knowledge within proved much more challenging than seeking knowledge in the outer world, I persevered and made progress but it was when I came across Jung's books and joined the CJC and started learning from other members, plenaries and groups that I started to "see" the path within, already there, lying ahead of me, endlessly long, the end not known, the adventures to be unfolded, dangers to overcome and rewards to be had. As Lao Tzu says "a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step." I took the first step and never looked back.

Please tell us what brought you to Jung or the CJC and what you find valuable about Jung's ideas.

Thanks! Message sent.

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