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Celebrating 82

years of Trig 

Points with Joan Snedden


Richard Barwell

This is Joan Snedden standing by an Australian Trig point just outside her home near Melbourne Victoria. She was an early member of the CJC just after we had started up about 26 years ago. She had been active in the C.G. Jung Society of Melbourne before our meeting and was very helpful to us in the early uncertainties which Roland Hindmarsh and I were having in attending to the CJC’s birth pangs.

Just the other day I borrowed ‘Jung Talks’ from our library and found the Australian library label still inside it The book came to us because on her return to Melbourne Joan found they had many duplicates and she arranged to send us two large sacks of them!. She is retired now but has been working as a hospital chaplain for many years.

We continue to Skype on a monthly basis and have as far as possible been ‘with’ her through her recent serious brush with cancer so this was a truly wonderful picture to have from her just the other day: it must have been taken by her husband, Richard, who had also come to some of our early meetings.

(PS We happen to own a trig point in the north of Scotland which they knew when they took this picture. The story of the creation of the network of Trig points in Britain by the Ordinance Survey is fascinating and well worth visiting for some extraordinary images and history).

Do you have a Trig Point near You? Let us know below ...

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