Road Sign for Pidley in Cambridgshire, Home of the Mountain Rescue Team

Teddy to the Mountain Rescue - Nearby!

Richard Barwell

Teddy Bear with Parachute

For years I have been intrigued by the sheer incongruity of it when driving through Pidley, a village near Ramsey in the flat fen country. The roadside sign declares “Pidley Mountain Rescue” because of course, while there is one very slight slope on the road, it is as far from any mountain as you can get in England - so what is going on?

My neighbour Matt Prince made some enquiries and this is the rather wonderful answer.

‘‘Years ago when the Mad Cat pub was still called the White Lion, a man’s car broke down at the bottom of the hill.

He went into the pub and asked for help.


The punters went out and started pushing his car up the hill.


The man being helped said: "this is a bit like a mountain rescue, isn’t it ?"

Being in such flat country the joke was remembered.

Poster for The 21st Pidley International Teddy Bear Freefall Competition

Some years later when they started a charity to help the physically and mentally disadvantaged they decided to call it the "Pidley Mountain Rescue”.


The next annual Teddy bear fund-raiser is on the 8th September 2018 from 10:00 onwards. Teddy bears are dropped, each sponsored by a local business, onto a target in a local field. Every year one parachute does not open and girl guides run out with a stretcher to rescue the fallen!’


The Charity says it aims to:-
‘improve the quality of life and independence of disabled and disadvantaged people within Huntingdonshire allowing them the same opportunities and freedom as everyone else.