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Policy Statement


The Cambridge Jungian Circle committee is committed to ensuring that all its activities are safe and it will do whatever it can to provide for the health, safety and welfare of all volunteers, members and visitors ensuring that risks to volunteers, members and visitors are minimised at all times.

The Cambridge Jungian Circle recognises that it is the duty of Committee members and volunteers to uphold this policy and that it is the duty of the Committee to provide the necessary funds and resources to put it into practice.




In order to fulfil the principles of this policy Cambridge Jungian Circle will endeavour to:


  1. Provide adequate control of the health and safety risks arising from our activities

  2. Provide any necessary information, instruction and supervision for volunteers

  3. Ensure that any venues used by the charity are adequately assessed for risk

  4. Maintain and monitor the safety of any equipment used in the pursuit of our activities

  5. Provide training in the use of equipment or safe practices as required




The Events Secretary, with the assistance of the committee team present at any event, will ensure that all premises and tasks are assessed in line with the relevant health and safety requirements.


Assessments will be required whenever there is:

  • a change of premises or substantial changes to premises currently in use

  • a significant change in the procedure for setting up events

  • a transfer to new technology

or any other reason which makes original assessment not valid.


Any health and safety concerns should be addressed to the Events Secretary or another member of the committee. If the matter cannot be resolved at the time of the issue being raised it will be referred for discussion at the next committee meeting.


This policy will be reviewed on a regular basis and in line with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (“HASAWA”) and all relevant regulations and codes of practice made under it. 

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