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Policy Statement


Cambridge Jungian Circle will not tolerate bullying, discrimination or harassment of any kind. We expect all members to be treated with dignity and respect, and for all members to behave in an appropriate and professional manner both towards each other and towards our speakers, workshop leaders and guests.  




Allegations of bullying, discrimination or harassment will be treated seriously, appropriately and wherever possible in agreement with the complainant’s wishes. We will take all possible steps to ensure that such behaviour is clearly understood to be unacceptable and that it is not repeated. We will not tolerate retaliation against, or victimisation of, any person involved in bringing a complaint, neither will we tolerate false accusations made against others.


This policy applies to meetings of the Committee, Small Group sessions, Public Talks and any events or groups operating under the auspices of the charity and to any Social Media forum that it may provide. It applies to both one-off acts and to repeated conduct, whether done purposefully or not.


Behaviour that constitutes bullying, discrimination or harassment 

The treatment of another person that belittles, insults or intimidates them will be regarded as bullying behaviour. Contact with another person that is of a repetitive, unwanted and intrusive nature will be regarded as harassing behaviour. Any action that denigrates or unfairly treats another person on the grounds of gender, gender identification, race, disability or social status will be regarded as discriminating behaviour.


Disclosure and confidentiality

All concerns regarding bullying, discrimination or harassment that are reported to us will be held to be confidential unless otherwise specified. Likewise, any discussion that it is deemed necessary to have with those accused of such behaviour will be treated as confidential unless otherwise specified or required.


Reporting and Resolution Procedure


Although in the first instance we will attempt to mediate between parties we may take further action, up to and including the revoking of membership, if it is found that bullying, harassment or discrimination has occurred and cannot be resolved internally. In serious cases of intimidation or discrimination legal advice may be sought.


Any reports that bullying or harassment has occurred during public events should initially be made to the Events Secretary. If the behaviour has occurred within any Cambridge Jungian Circle groups the first approach should be made to the Convener of the group or, should the matter not be able to be resolved internally, to the Small Groups Coordinator.


If the issues of concern are not resolved at this stage they should be directed to the Chair, or if they relate internally to committee members, should be referred to the Chair in the first instance. Further action will then be decided on by mediation group comprised of other committee members.


Adopted: 14/03/2020, to be reviewed every three years             Updated 12/01/21

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