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A bit About Jung

Carl Jung  (26 July 1875 – 6 June 1961) was a psychiatrist and psychotherapist who founded and pioneered analytical psychology. He differed from Freud in asserting that Sex was not the only driving force in the Unconscious by drawing attention to what he called the Collective Unconscious which included Archetypal patterns of behaviour which were common to all Mankind.  He came to mainstream attention in the UK shortly before his death when he gave an interview to John Freeman of the BBC which aired on British television in 1959.  His memoirs, which were co-written with his colleague and assistant Aniela Jaffé and entitled "Memories, Dreams, Reflections", were published posthumously but inspired new interest in his work among people who were seeking to understand themselves and their own experience in more depth.


In 1992 it was decided to establish a forum for those wanting to explore Jung's extraordinarily far ranging work in the company of others of like mind. The forum became known as The Cambridge Jungian Circle, and soon afterwards a registered charity. It now has about 40 resident members and about 150 who are subscribed to its newsletters and published proceedings. Their knowledge of Jung's work ranges widely. One of the qualities of the 'Circle' is the free interchange between people of different backgrounds, beliefs, cultures and experience of Jung and psychology.


About Us

This section contains links to Our Chronicle, called 'The Chronicle' which is published twice yearly. It also provides some Introductory material for those who are 'Fresh to Jung' as well as a link to some Resources for those who wish to deepen their understanding of Jung's work. There is also a section on 'Membership' which you can use to join us in our work.

Each month between September and November and between January and July the Cambridge Jungian Circle hosts a talk relating to Jungian thought and ideas given by authors, scholars and other speakers connected with Jungian practice such as Jungian Analysts.  These plenary sessions are open to the public for an entrance fee of £10.00, payable online in advance and are an opportunity to meet members of the Circle as well as listen to the presentation.

Full details of all the Membership options available can be found on our 'Membership' page at:


The Circle also hosts a number of Special Interest Group and Members may apply for membership of these when vacancies are available. These are listed below.

Alchemy & Individuation, Creative Arts, Dream Groups, Jung's Red Book, Divination Cards.

To find out whether vacancies are available please email our Secretary who will connect you with the Small Groups Coordinator:

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Contact Committee Members


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Richard Barwell - The Chronicle:

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