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Climate Change & Covid Crisis

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Arising in these hugely unprecedented Times

Poetry, prose, painting, photography, gardens, sculpture, knitting, cooking, jewellery, et al

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October 2020

Prudence Jones


June investigated astrology as a means of charting the unconscious.  Astrological symbolism assumes that the cycles of human behaviour (the collective unconscious) are correlated with the cycles of stars and planets as seen from earth.  I’ll be explaining this further in the winter Chronicle, but for the moment, in the midst of Covid panic, bear with the hypothesis and read on about current developments – which come as no surprise to astrologers.


For many years astrologers have been looking ahead to 2020 as the year of the Great Financial Reset.  Three great planetary cycles, of 12 years, 20 years, and 42 years long respectively,  converge (most unusually) within less than 10˚ of arc for most of this year in a major area of the sky associated with business and finance.  Since in late March they were joined by the 2-year cycle of the fiery planet Mars, something explosive was bound to happen.  It was of course the recognition of a global pandemic, the worldwide emergency measures meant to contain it, and the economic reconfiguration that these brought about.


And since the March convergence was going to be triggered three times again by planet Mars, we had the dates on which the occurrences and reactions of 20th March to 1st April would be revisited.  The first hit, from 4th-25th August, was a straightforward challenge to the lockdown of late March.  By mid-May, when the last of the planets involved had gone into apparent reverse motion as seen from Earth, one by one the restrictions had been cautiously eased and the pandemic itself was going into reverse, with infections and deaths bottoming out.  So the August challenge from Mars saw a burst of exuberance in the UK, with picnics  and “eating out to help out” in newly-reopened restaurants.  Many people thought the pandemic had gone away, but the medics weren’t fooled – nor were the astrologers.


We are now in the middle of the second hit, 29th September to 17th October.  Infection rates have rocketed (inc. Donald Trump on 2nd October – this period also covers the Presidential debates) and emergency measures to prevent mingling and transmission are being re-imposed in the UK– with considerable resistance from the communities affected.  10th and 17th October are crunch dates in this recalibration of the March initiatives.  Consider nothing settled until the last 10 days of October.


The final challenge from Mars, when some kind of agreement can be reached on how to deal with the pandemic and its economic fallout in the long term, comes on 20th December, 12th and 23rd January.  Prepare for a sober and responsible Christmas and New Year!  There may be news of a vaccine or a treatment, or the world economy may have reached a consensus on how to deal with the economic fallout, but the panic should by then have come to an end.  


All of these dates are doubly highlighted, as they overlap with others, which look ahead to the “new normal” that will follow the pandemic.  21st December, winter solstice eve, sees the beginning of a new 20-year business cycle, which is also the beginning of a new 800-year social cycle, about which I’ll be writing in the Chronicle.  And 12th-14th and 21st January kick-start a year-long quarrel between Saturn, planet of conservatism, and Uranus, planet of revolution.  Expect some intense political arguments over social planning and macro-economics then, and be sure to safeguard your assets beforehand.  


In this short article I’ve omitted details of particular events and of the geometry of the planetary cycles involved.  The geometry is simply there and is indisputable.  The interpretation of its symbolism is of course astrology and thus contentious.  But if anybody wants to know more I can be contacted at 


Judy Hanmer - Summer 2020



(more info to follow)


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This amazing plant has flowered at Les & Dorothy's home. They say it flowers every ten years? And here it is ! During Covid Times !  Thomas tells us that, It’s botanical name is Yucca filamentosa and one of its common names is Adam’s Needle after the hard pointed tips of he leaves. It is native to the Southeastern United States. It was an important plant to Native Americans who used its fibres for cord and cloth (and maybe its leaves with which to sew these?), and the roots as a shampoo.                 

                                                                                                                    June 2020    


Some Gifts from the CJC Creative Arts Group

Richard Barwell Scotland 10:04:20.jpg

                  10 April 2020   ©Richard Barwell

We are having a swanny time too with them coming to sleep on our somewhat stony beach. The other evening as the tide was slowly running out two white ghosts floated in, undulating on the wavelets, until grounded and then waddled up a bit and sank down, curved their necks over their backs and dozed off. 


Next morning they had gone so I imagined the tide returning in the night and gently floating them away in the darkness.


This is part of a very long established tribe along this coast that I have watched for at least half a century.                 

                                                                                      2 April 2020    Richard Barwell


More Gifts from the CJC Creative Arts Group

Am enjoying a swan on her nest along the lode

and various muntjac sightings

to say nothing of the blossom


02 April 2020 Rosemary Crump




Crow sits in the thick

white blossom
Startled by my passing 

he flies off

(A nearly haiku)

10 April 2020  Rosemary Crump

My daughter and I have just had a walk on the edge of Haslingfield at

4pm ish -  newish plantation and fields,  and much to our delight a barn owl was quartering and came quite near.  

Beautiful and unexpected 


01 April 2020         Liz Roman




of S-shaped liquid cat                        

through tiny door gap

10 April 2020         Clarissa Cochran


Not having to rush about anywhere, I went for a walk in the sunshine and sat for a while near the stream that flows through Linton (the Rhee or the Granta it  is called) and finally joins the river Cam.  The birds were singing mightily; I watched a pheasant wading across the stream (its v shallow just now) and a robin flew full tilt across a gap and nearly collided with me.  I was reminded that we heard that the people of Wuhan can see the blue sky again, and hear the birds sing.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could go back to a simpler way of living.  I saw the tiniest shrew in my allotment shed a week or so ago.  He/she was velvety black and shiny.  I was sorry to have disturbed her.  But I looked her up and found that she was, indeed, a pygmy shrew and quite rare.  What a charmer!                                             

                                                                             04 April 2020        Caroline Connell

Richard Barwell Scotland Rain 10:04:20..

                 10 April 2020    ©Richard Barwell

Dear Lorna, I read your epic poem a couple of hours ago and am still reeling! I found it to resonate so powerfully with unformed unexpressed layers of misery re what we have been doing to the world and one another - I am still tearful. I am bemused by what is picked up on in the news and what is ignored, e.g the refugee crisis. It seems there are huge numbers trying to flee their homes in India, walking huge distances with no money, CV being eclipsed by hunger and they are being sent back again. The situation likened to 'partition' in 1947.  The spread of CV in the camps doesn't bear thinking about ..

Quite extraordinary how Gaia forces us to see sense - i.e.creates the situation where we have a common 'enemy' globally rather than one another, making competition rather than sharing a nonsense -(even the football world is starting to wake up!). And enabling people to become closer to and appreciate the natural world instead of exploiting it - (if she doesn't overdo it and wipe us out). And strangely closer to one another through physical distancing ..       

                                                                                   02 April 2020         Clarissa Cochran

Thanks so much for all the Wonderful shared experiences .  Lorna’s hard hitting epic was memorable and so heartfelt . I had already felt that the Earth was seeing apocalyptic events - fires, floods, locusts.  This latest awfulness does add another  plague to the list but hopefully Gaia will come through and heal.  Even more communicating with sometimes long lost friends is a bonus (as well as the hoards  of tiny tadpoles in my minute pond and the 2 newts there that I saw today )                                                                                                                                        04 April 2020   Liz Roman



A fairy tale that unfolded onto the page, through Lorna McNeur, on 31 March 2020

This Fairy Tale is Our True Story

From the Horrors of Our Darkest Days

to The Hope Shining Through Creatively




Once Upon a Planet

In a far away Time

There were plants and animals and humans

Who Lived in harmony together


Loving and respecting each other

And in balance with their Mothership

Planet Earth


As they all grew together 

Through many thousands of years

The humans began discovering

How to be very clever

With their hands and their minds


They made communities

That grew and grew and grew

So large that after many more 

Thousands of years

There became not enough room

for the Animals of Planet Earth


They also discovered a thing called money

and became so in love with it

That after a while

Nothing but money mattered

And eventually caused Disaster and Tragedy

All over Mothership Planet Earth


The Rain forests were felled

to make money money money

Gorilla and Orangutang families crushed

The horror of watching their loved ones killed

Wandering bewildered, alone and lost, in the devastation

after losing their parents, babies, families, community

to crashing trees being felled by money hungry corporations 

Stealing the Planet of Life giving Oxygen for All


(The equivalent for humans would be to experience

The tall towers of international cities falling upon them

with no warning, help, explanation or support)


Elephant families

watching their Loved ones Slaughtered mercilessly

before their very eyes 

by poachers greedy for money

Amazing birds and insects

All the extraordinary creatures worldwide 

All senselessly brutally smashed and killed


And other Animals were born into the world

to be eaten by the humans

or to be used for the milk that their bodies created

Animals turned into products

for human consumption

Boys born to die and be eaten

Girls born as slaves to make milk and eggs

and killed when they could no longer produce


The Polar Icecaps melted from the Planet overheating

Polar bears and penguins began starving

And all of the magnificent Oceans 

And their extraordinary Creatures dying

from the senseless behaviours of the Human Race

This was Tragedy on unimaginable scales


This once beautiful Planet became so out of balance

That the voracious appetite of ever-growing humankind 

had become its own monster

There is a Native American Saying:

‘When the last tree is felled

the last animal killed

no clean water left

and the plants grow no more 

In the end

you cannot eat money’


But for hundreds of years

Nobody listened to these Wise Words

of these Wise Peoples and many other Wise Cultures

Who worshipped and respected Balance

of the Earth, Seasons, Plants, Animals, and All 

They were also crushed by the money monsters


But finally one day

Millions of Humans began waking up 

to All that was happening

and tried hard to help change 

the Crisis of Climate on Planet Earth


They tried and tried 

but the Governments 

and Big Businesses

Were not Listening

Money was the Leader now


Parts of the World were so dry that

Huge fires raged destroying so many Lands

Floods drowned peoples villages and towns

Earthquakes and Tsunami’s flattened Cities and Lives


The Children then Rose up

They stopped going to school

because they said 

Without a Future

We do not need school


All around the Globe

They marched in the Streets

To wake-up Everyone

to Save the Planet



But still the Government 

and Big Businesses

Were not Listening

They were on a Train

That could Not be Stopped


Planet Earth Herself had mines drilled deep into her core

Earth products being sold for money money money

Wars waging between countries worldwide

over these products

And her Beautiful Animals and Plants Being eaten Alive

By the money mind that had taken over the Human Race


The Humans simply could not stop themselves

And many were able to blind themselves

From the horrors being inflicted on others

That were beyond their immediate surrounds


They simply could Not Stop 

This Monster that they had Created 



And Lo and Behold, as in All True Fairy Tales

Suddenly Something Huge Happened

From one of the tiniest creatures on the Planet

Came a Bug that Stopped All Humans in their Tracks


Nothing but such a Huge Force could stop the Human Race

Nothing but such a Huge - Larger than Life Force 

From a tiny invisible creature

Could take All the planes out of the Sky

Stop the Vast majority of Cars

Reduce the Pollution Drastically


Stop the World from going to work

Give Humans time at Home

With their Loved Ones

Catching up with their Selves

and tending to Home and Life

in ways they had been longing to, forever

And the Government paying them to do so

And Big Businesses offering some help & support



Along with All this also came the Human Horror

Some people feeling lonely and isolated and scared

Fearing Death and Losing Loved Ones

Needing but not having the reassuring touch 

and presence of their loved ones whilst in lock down


The shock of the sudden loss of loved ones

Not being able to be with them at their Death bed

In their Hour of Need

Tearing the hearts of surviving Loved ones


The huge death toll - massive mortuaries 

in public buildings and tents

to hold many thousands of bodies


Ongoing horrifying struggles 

of the war-torn and poorest people on Earth 

being hit even harder 

than their already agonising lives  

In which death 

Sometimes felt like a Blessing


All countries on Mothership Earth

Now had the same Invisible Foe

And could not attack back in the usual war-like ways



The front-line soldiers became the Medical professionals

And losing them, could then mean, probably losing All

This was World War III,  Like they Never Imagined


Scientists say it is a Deadly Virus

Spiritual Minds wonder 

If it is the Dis-ease of Humanity

Brought on by the Horror 

of Completely Losing Sight 

of All that Really Matters

to Human Beings in Our Hearts 


Being in Balance and Harmony

With Mothership Earth

And All Animals and Plants

All Living Together Respectfully



THE BIG SLEEP  -  Dreaming the Planet

And those who had Homes

Went inside

And those who didn’t

Huddled up in corners


And some went to sleep for one-hundred years

And some went to sleep forever and ever 

And became The Ancestors

And they all dreamed of their beloved Home Earth

And dreamed of Her Healing

And the Plants and Trees growing back again

And the Animals Healing 

Growing their Homes and Communities again

And the waters cleansing all over the Earth

And the Oceans & Creatures

Great and Small

And some people dreamed poems

About Beloved Mothership Earth*





And When All the Humans woke up again

After one hundred years

Behold, Mothership Earth was Strong and Beautiful

And those who were children

Before the Big Sleep

Were now all Grown up in many Generations

And Knew the Wisdom of Balance

In Nature, Plants, Animals, and Humans

Forever and Ever !

Written with Love

31 March 2020

©Lorna McNeur





* Kitty O'Meara's

now famous poem

touches the hearts of millions

Published here with the Author's permission

"In the Time of Pandemic

And the people stayed home.

And they read books, and listened, and rested, and exercised, and made art, and played games, and learned new ways of being, and were still.

And they listened more deeply. Some meditated, some prayed, some danced. Some met their shadows. And the people began to think differently.

And the people healed.

And, in the absence of people living in ignorant, dangerous, mindless, and heartless ways, the earth began to heal.

And when the danger passed, and the people joined together again, they grieved their losses, and made new choices, and dreamed new images, and created new ways to live and heal the earth fully, as they had been healed.

There is Hope

We are only a few months into this Global crisis

in which All the Countries of the Entire World

For the First time ever in Human History

Share the Very Same Problem 

Struggling Equally and Learning from Each Other

Rather than fighting amongst ourselves

Something Very Different is happening

What have we Learned already?



Governments Globally are following each others’ examples

in implementing changes to cope with the Pandemic

Even from countries with long histories of war and disdain


Governments have made it clear that

For the first time in Many Ages

Human Lives are more important than Money

More important than: 

Planes in the air

Billions of commuting cars 

Big Businesses Making Money

And people working in offices


The Governments and Big Business have Learned that 

They are Nothing without their People and Workforce

They must take Great Care of them or perhaps Lose All



The Elders are given respect and priority 

in the healthcare and food shopping queues


In Many ways 

Crisis is bringing out the Best in Humankind as well

Communities forming to look after each other

Their elderly, & vulnerable members


However and concurrently

If we could only Also Realise 

Our Elders’ - Wealth of Life Experience 

as Wise Words for Disastrous Times


Letting the Elderly go

in triage formations

Could be at our own Peril



Many people are reporting seeing more wild animals out & about … deer … owl … pheasant ... pygmie shrew !

Creeping out from hiding - maybe feeling safer with fewer humans outside?

People hearing more of the birds singing now because they are not drowned out by traffic noise !

Heard a horse whinnying in the distance today. 

It was beautiful :) Our Nature Connections are Growing !


Huge Reductions in Future Flying & Planet Pollution

With billions of people working from home worldwide

and having successful internet group meetings internationally


Companies are seeing that they don’t have to fly millions of people, internationally anymore

But can save billions of pounds/dollars/etc

NOT flying their people in planes all around the world

But can carry on with internet communications and save mega ‘Big Bucks’ too 

THIS of course could drastically lower pollution levels and probably help Climate Crisis



There are many Lessons Already Being Learned

In a very short period of time thus far

And Many More Lessons to Come

This is Mothership Earth’s - ‘Healing Crisis’

Lets Hope we come out of it Alive

And Ready to work together

with the Plants and Animals

in Healing Our Beloved Home - Planet Earth



There is still so much more to Learn …


What have you noticed so far ?   


What Else Are We Learning ?


Send Your Learnings and Sightings to Lorna at


who can post them here on this page

Or you can write on our CJC FaceBook page


Share your Creative Moments & Projects here

Arising in these hugely unprecedented Times

Poetry, prose, painting, photography, gardens, sculpture, knitting, cooking, jewellery, et al

Email photographs of your work to Lorna at

who will post them on this page

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