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Policy Statement


Cambridge Jungian Circle recognises that its activities will impact on the local, regional and global environment. We are committed to an on-going consideration of ecological principles and to a constant effort to minimise any negative impact our operations may have.




In order to fulfil the principles of this policy Cambridge Jungian Circle will endeavour to:

  1.  Use natural resources prudently and with the aim of reducing waste

  2.  Make every effort to source sustainable goods and services

  3.  Seek to raise awareness of environmental issues where appropriate

  4.  Monitor and continuously evaluate our environmental impact

  5.  Welcome suggestions for further ways in which we might improve our sustainability




Cambridge Jungian Circle will consider the environmental impact of all purchased goods and supplies. We will endeavour to source these locally and/or from responsible suppliers. We will actively avoid the use of any products that have the potential to cause pollution or damage to the environment.

We are committed to making careful use of all existing equipment to minimise the need for new purchases. We will attempt to repair items wherever practicable and to responsibly recycle any for which we have no further use. 

We will seek to reduce the creation of waste materials and to encourage our membership to considerately dispose of any waste generated during our activities. 



Cambridge Jungian Circle will continue to make all possible provision for car sharing and will promote this on all suitable occasions. We will encourage the use of public transport by visiting speakers and will facilitate this option as far as we are able.

We will ensure that there is provision for bicycle storage at our venues and we will keep our membership informed of this resource


Adopted: 14/03/2020, to be reviewed every three years

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