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Fri, 17 Apr


Webinar using Zoom

A Soul that is Not Connected to the World cannot Heal

This talk was originally intended for the Cambridge Consciousness Forum but had to be cancelled because of Covid-19. Jeannet Weurman will present it to CJC OnLine as a Webinar.

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A Soul that is Not Connected to the World cannot Heal
A Soul that is Not Connected to the World cannot Heal

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17 Apr 2020, 19:30 – 21:30

Webinar using Zoom


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The idea for the day came out of the experience of living in a world in crisis and addresses the question of how we find personal meaning and a sense of direction through our experience. It offers one way of answering that question drawing on Carl Jung, Ervin Laszlo, Stan Grof, Maria Papaspyrou and James Hollis. These authors point to the vital importance of engaging with our inner depth - the personal and collective unconscious - to find wisdom and healing. They suggest we need to revalue the archetypal Feminine which Western culture has devalued and repressed, to restore a sense of inter-connection and a balance in how we live.

Engaging in this work, facing archetypal levels of consciousness and the individual and collective trauma held in our Shadow, can be very challenging. It may involve experiences of 'ego-death' as our everyday awareness is overwhelmed and our sense of personal boundaries is temporarily suspended. She examines how two archetypal myths, that of the Hero's Journey and of the Great Mother (Anima Mundi), can inspire us and guide us through such encounters.

The presentation considers, whether the numinous power of particular myths to guide us is relative to time and culture, whether we might be going through a time of a waning of these two myths, prior to a new myth emerging.

At the end of the presentation there will be an opportunity for online discussion and reflection.


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    In this workshop, Sarah will share her poetry which attempts to capture her experience of the human condition and observations of life through the lens of feelings. Jungian symbolism and awakening, transpersonal experiences - elements of the psychosynthesis approach – are apparent within Sarah’s poetry.

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