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Fri, 17 Mar


CJC Zoom Event

Wabanaki Ancestral Healing Ways: Dreams, Healing Powers of Stories and Nature

Native American culture and wisdom respect the beauty and healing powers of nature, stories, and dreams, perceiving the world spiritually and symbolically for thousands of years; invaluable ways to Jungians and all in these critical times. The Wabanaki Culture and Centre have much to teach us all.

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Wabanaki Ancestral Healing Ways: Dreams, Healing Powers of Stories and Nature
Wabanaki Ancestral Healing Ways: Dreams, Healing Powers of Stories and Nature

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17 Mar 2023, 19:30 – 21:30 GMT

CJC Zoom Event


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Climate Crisis and Indigenous Culture and Wisdom

In these Climate Crisis times, it is finally dawning upon modern urbanised societies, that what indigenous people around the world, have been saying for centuries, about treating Mother Earth with love and respect, is profoundly true.  Treating the earth and all her resources like a maketable product, for numerous centuries, has brought the planet, people, animals, and plants, to a critical place and crucial precipice; regarding the life or death of the world as we know it. 

We have four speakers this evening, who will introduce the Centre and Wabanki traditional healing ways, the healing experience and plants of Medicine Walk, and the power of Healing Stories. All are Native American professionals in their own fields of Psychiatry, Counselling and Mental Health, Environmental Therapy, et al, that embody Ancient Native American culture and practice.

Native American People and Culture: Genocide and the Vital need for Mental Health & Healing Therapies

Following centuries of cultural genocide, the Native American people and culture have miraculously survived but with the majority suffering horrific losses of families, culture, identity, confidence, place, people and community; creating a lost culture of many suffering from homelessness, alcoholism, drug addiction, suicide, and much more; and thus creating a dire need for Mental Health and Healing Therapies. The Wabanaki Center for Healing seeks to help Native Americans struggling with all of the losses described above. 



Lisa will introduce the aims and aspirations of the Center, and describe the various healing programmes, and explain how the buildings and environment themselves are an integral part of the wholistic healing of the Center, and Native healing traditions. 'Those seeking healing have the opportunity to re-establish healthy relationships with our culture and their wellness in Wabanaki homelands, where vulnerability is an opportunity to build strength. We work to heal our communities using traditional healing that allows for connecting with the land and culture. We are committed that wherever our people are in their healing journey, we have a place for them.'

The Center for Wabanaki Healing & Recovery puts culture, ceremony, language, and traditions at the heart of the recovery journey to support tribal members achieving optimal wellness. Click below to learn more about the Center for Wabanaki Healing & Recovery Programs 

MEDICINE WALK: Andrea Sockabasin

On the Wabanaki land, called The Gathering Place, there is close to 50-acres along the sacred Penobscot River, located in Millinocket. The beautiful property holds over 40 campsites and is our place to connect to land, to Wabanaki culture, and to our territory. Youth and people in recovery created a medicine trail, connecting all who visit with sacred medicines growing on the property. We are also growing our own food and medicines to be shared with our Wabanaki communities.

POWER OF HEALING STORIES: Dr Lewis Mehl-Madrona Psychiatrist; Barbara Mainguy: Psychotherapist

Exploring stories about resolving grief, learning humility, managing relationships, managing anger, can reveal the healing power of stories, from the extremes of lifelong trauma to the joys and diversion of Indigenous humor; as exemplified by Coyote (trickster), an agent of conscious change and transformation.


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